China Consumer's Night: Nikon D600 and It's Black Spots


China is a country with a lot of peculiarities. Despite all the piracy or the knack of producing low cost, low quality products, the Chinese government actually celebrate the World Consumer Rights Day (March 15th annually) religiously since 1991!

Through hidden cameras, interviews with consumers and actual product reviews, the producers of the China Consumer Nights managed to put together a very convincing piece that Nikon is indeed selling a defective D600… On their national TV. Oh boy.

Not that Nikon is completely innocent. It is already suffering from similar defects across the world when it made its debut.

In ths video feature, hidden cameras capture Nikon service staff coming up with all sorts of outrageous reasons to the dark spots in the D600’s pictures, ranging from the bad air quality to erm.. you shouldn’t hold your camera tilting downwards!

The next day Shanghai’s government Business governance unit started investigation on the case… And now, Nikon is recalling all D600 in China and afterwards offered replacement for all D600s.

Well done China. 

Link to Tencent News:
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