Windows Phone 7: SingTel Price Cut!

[HAPPENING] It’s surprising that it took this long. But it happened nevertheless. A price cut for Windows Phone 7’s phones in Singapore.

I am not sure how long since it happened but I was browsing the SingTel online store today when I saw the prices of HTC HD7, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omina 7 lowered to the range of S$98 to S$198 with a two year contract.

This range of phones are previously priced at around S$398 and above.

Just like the global trend, the newest phone OS from Microsoft are behind iOS and Android in the popularity contest, and thus lowering the prices is a bid to sell more sets.

Do Windows Phone 7 stands a chance? I am not sure but I am sure it needs to get What’s Apps on it ASAP. And if you haven’t seen it’s interface, time to.

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