Sim Lim Sq XL: Digitalize Sim Lim Square!

[App – iPad] Surely the place that has the highest concentration of the nerds and the geeks deserve an dedicated app. But the surprise it isn’t the more marketing-focus Funan IT Mall that makes this sort of app first.
In Sim Lim Sq XL, you find some essential information such as promotions, contact information, pricelist, floorplan and so on. But the app that provides information has to be updated frequently to be useful.
For the promotions and pricelists, updates are about within one week or so. Cool, but I will still have to get the leaflet from the guys at the entrance to the mall to see the pricelist for the day. It will be cool if everyone has a tablet and retailers just have to upload their pricelists for us, consumers to download. Save the earth mah!
Another interesting fact is the “Thumbs Up” feature for users to rate each retailer (I think the app contains most if not all retailers at Sim Lim). It is interesting because there is no “Thumbs Down” button to click on! Everyone gets a thumbs up! Only difference is the number of it. I guess it is probably not as useful then.
All-in-all an app that depends a lot on the retailers to update the information. And I think timely updates should help to get their shop names across also since users will tend to check out the latest promotions or pricelists.
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