Ascott The Residence: The Entertain System and Internet Access Review

[Review] Work brought me to Shanghai a couple of weeks back. I am not a frequent overseas traveller so therefore I was really impressed by the facilities within the Ascott Hotel, Shanghai. Specifically, the Home Entertainment System.

A complete set of Philips Home Entertainment System is perhaps the most eye-catching in the room. But TV programmes are all delivered with Standard Definition, hence the image quality is certainly not as good as the overall quality of the hotel. The selection of the programmes are real good though with the likes of ESPN, National Geographic and movies.

Wi-Fi connection is consistently good throughout the hotel and with LAN connection as well, Internet access is well covered in Ascott, Shanghai. However, the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Blogger are all blocked by the great firewall of China. I tried randomly access those webs via a VPN service but there is a noticeable lag while doing that.

And a iPhone dock to top things off.

Makes me feel at home, too bad there is no high-definition of the TV programmes. And oh ya, the electrical plug aren’t those back in Singapore. Bring a convertor if happen to be in Shanghai, a truly city growing at tremendous pace.

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