Apple iPhone 4: Back in Online Store Again

[Gadget News] Want an iPhone 4? Out of contract? How about getting one from the Apple online store at S$888. A price well below what it is selling for in the local forums such HWZ (price in forum range from S$960 to S$1100 for a 16gb set).

Apple Singapore has just reopened sales of the iPhone 4 in it’s online store after the low stock level forces them to stop selling the Apple’s famous gadget online.

Of course, the difference is that you probably have to wait for 2 weeks before becoming yet another iPhone owner in Singapore while the sellers in the forum have ready stocks.

Otherwise, you might want to consider joining the Android community in Singapore. A platform that boast many apps of equivalence to the iOS App store, except in the gaming department. Android needs more games!

Link – Apple Online Store

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