Creative ZiiEagle: The Best of Chinese Cinema?

[New Gadget] You just have to question how decisions are made within the quarters of Creative Singapore. Resistive touch screens in the Zii Tablets already seems like a strange decision. And now, they have just release a home media player bundling in classic chinese movies!

The recently announced ZiiEagle contains 668 classic Shaw flims produced in the last 50 years in the history. Also included is English and Chinese subtitles support, HDMI support, quick access to movies with coloured preset buttons or custom movie list (named Dream on the remote control!).

And if the concept of the product and the actual production of this amazing product hasn’t shock you, wait for the price tag; a whooping S$888!

With Creative SGX listing trading near to it’s 52-week bottom in a rather good year of economy, ZiiEagle hardly inspire investors or the consumers. At all.

The target market could well be the portion born prior to 1965 where most of the films included in the bundle are first screened. But would they whip out this much money (although the price tag is auspicious within the Chinese market) for a home media player showing classics?

It just looks more like a partnership between Creative and Shaw blossom from a friendship between the management. Afterall, Creative doesn’t have to put in a lot of resources to produce a standard product in the ZiiEagle.

Product Page – Creative Singapore

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