Samsung NX11: The Non-DSLR’s DSLR

[New Gadget] Mirrorless shooters are gaining popularity like KOI bubble tea. Well that’s probably a little exaggerating, but in truth mirrorless cameras are well like by amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

A combination of SLR-quality shots and compact physical size makes the NX10 a huge success. And Samsung is following up the success with NX11. Add a sub-S$1000 price tag, this is a winner.

The biggest feature among the upgrades from NX10 will be the famous intelligent i-Function lens. What the i-Function lens offer is the ability to access and adjust all manual settings with its lens ring. Very different from the traditional SLR. NX10 does not comes with the i-Function lens so Samsung is packing in it in with NX11.

And this is probably the only major upgrade. That is probably a good move, improving on a successful product.

Samsung NX11 has launched in the States now and we will be looking forward to the Singapore launch.

Source - dpreview

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