Samsung Galaxy Tab: SingTel’s Subscription Pricing is Out!

[Gadget Update] The guys at SingTel has finally been authorized to tell the wallet-ready Singaporeans how much to pay for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab. And we got the press release right in our mail box but surely all you want to see is the prices.

It seems that SingTel has also arranged a post-launch party for Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hey wait, is there one for iPad as well? The tickets are only limited to the first 150 Galaxy Tab owners that I guess, subscribe to SingTel’s data plan.

Are the prices what are you expecting previously? For me, the subsidized prices look just about on the side of being called “expensive”. But if you are going to bring it out every single day and you know, surf the internet and watch a few hours of “Ai” maybe, then it is probably worth it. After all a tablet can be fully utilize with the internet connection.

Anyone getting one soon? The SingTel Galaxy Tab micro site is currently close for registration but they should be back soon ready for your cash.

SingTel Shop – Samsung Galaxy Tab

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