Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Live Demo: All About It

[NEW GADGET] I haven’t seen a more comprehensive Samsung Galaxy Tab video than this one. You caught me. Yes, I get a few cents when you click once but seriously, if you can’t tell the differences between a Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, you gotta watch this one!

The Galaxy Tab will appear like a complete tablet with Samsung (you just have to give credit where it is due) inputting some custom Apps that ensure the consumers will not be stuck with a version of the Google’s OS in which Google thinks is not ready for tablets yet.

Engadget got a review already. Must read if you intend to get one on the 13th this month.

The highlight in their review has got to be the flash support. Does Android 2.2 really guarantee full flash support in a usable way? Maybe not, here the link – Engadget Review.

But again I just have to ask, why would you want tablet? And in this case, one that you can make a phone call which of course is why we use this thing call mobile phone.

My friends call the Apple iPad a “want”. I think the Galaxy Tab is a “Want” too. Which one would you WANT more?

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