Google Goggles: The Image Search App (Error on Your Motorola Milestone?)

[Mobile App] There are as many Android users in Singapore as cheap food at Orchard road. So I didn’t manage to ask more people on this one. But if you are having a problem using Google Goggles on your Android phone, particularly having a green image instead of the image taken, here is a backward solution.
Uninstall the latest Google Goggles 1.1.4 on the Android Market and try to google for version 1.0’s apk.
You will lose some features such as crop but at least it is working until the Goggle engineers fix it right?
What is Google Goggles you asked? Use a GPS device (aka your phone) and check that your current location does not read “MARS”.
Google Goggles is an App that allows user to take pictures of any object and search for information with regards to the object on the Internet. For instance, take a photo of the Nutella jam bottle with Google Goggles. It will return information such as what is Nutella jam and relevant company information. Works like a business card reader actually.

It is not going to recongise every objects you take, for instance taking a picture of your armpit hair will not return results such as Tan Ah Gao’s armpit hair. But still if it can return Nutella, I think it is quite impressive.
In case you are interested, the App is available on both iPhone and Android phones for FREE.
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