Dell Venue Pro: We Saw It! We Saw It!

[NEW GADGET] At a very recent Dell’s media event to introduce it’s refreshment of it’s Alienware, Inspiron, XPS notebooks and desktops, we were given a sneak preview of something else that overshadow the computers at the event. What else other than the Dell Venue Pro, the US manufacturer’s device running on the brand new Windows Phone 7 OS.

We actually spotted the phone with the Microsoft guys instead of the Dell guys for some reasons. And they are more than willing to let the media people toy around with the phone that is not official on sale in Singapore at the moment.

Despite knowing before hand that the Venue Pro is a huge phone, I was still quite taken aback by the sheer size. Mainly the thickness. But it feels extremely comfortable in hand, takes up my entire palm actually.

The Dell Venue Pro is physically daunting for a good reason; so that you can see more on the screen. Besides being a 4” screen, the screen is bright and sharp, just don’t put it beside the iPhone 4. But it is still very very good, don’t worry. 

The keyboard is REALLY the part of the phone that I am most interested in. In the current line-up of Windows Phone 7 phones, only this comes with a portrait keyboard, something I have wanted since Dinosaur Age. So far only Palm Pre has been produced in the kind of form factor.

Dell Venue Pro’s keyboard is certainly broad, no problem even for people with Incredible Hulk’s thumbs. I find myself exerting a little more strength that I thought is necessary to type. The tactile feedback is not exactly I will rate as “good”. Maybe the final retail set will be better.

We didn’t have time to go in-depth into other areas but the Dell guys told us that the phone is coming really soon to our shores. And telcos tie-ups should be the case.

Looking back, Dell Venue Pro seems quite made for guys, the size and the design are screaming “MAN” in all directions. The only issue I guess will be a problem even for guys is probably the thickness.

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