Windows Phone 7: The Egg is Finally Cracking

[COMMENTARY] Next Monday, October 11, is no ordinary day. It is not a day for Monday blues. Microsoft and Steve Balmer certainly will hope it will not be the start of an extended blue Monday. All because that day has been penciled in as the day where every human being (whom are not holding to an iPhone or Android or Blackberry phones) will hold their breath and witness Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 7 as their latest mobile operating system and the initial series of handsets.

Here is the problem, after leaving out iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones’ users, there aren’t many people around that is going to hold their breath for this event. Instead, these people will mostly read, watch and discuss this historical Microsoft events on their iPhones, Androids and Blackberries. How ironic.

What’s even more ironic, some of these people may have been old enough to once be followers of the legacy Windows Mobile OS. Right now, Microsoft have to convince them to rejoin.

For us, the Singaporeans, it seems that October 12th could be a launch day for the Windows Phone 7 manufacturers. We got an invite from LG for an event on that particular day (LG sent us the image above.) More to come with our coverage then.

Check out the Windows Phone 7 official website here – Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and one last technical preview before the launch next week.

Launch date’s Source: Wall Street Journal

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