Apple iPods 2010: What is the game plan?

[COMMENTARY] They already look brilliant in their previous form, now they look even better, even more innovative, more hip and like gadgets from the future.

This is not a case of an Apple fanboy promoting his own hobby. This is a case of a company consistently delivering products that set in the highest standards in the industry. This is a case of a company besting their own products again and again.

The group of iPods, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, have been refreshed and formally introduced to the world.

First up, the iPod Shuffle. The latest edition of the only iPod without display has gone back to buttons, the design of the first two generations. Strangely, no one mentioned that Apple has run out of tricks for it's Shuffle series. Anyhow, Apple is still owning this category of products since there aren't other alternatives other than Creative Stone. And when I say "this category", I mean the segment of really small audio players.

Next, the iPod Nano. Used to be the iPod that one will go for as a regular iPod, in the category of "iPod Classic is too big and I need a screen". And what happens now that the new iPod Nano becomes a premium "iPod Shuffle"?

I think Apple has a plan here, they always do; To make push those people whom previously wanted a iPod Nano to buy a iPod Touch now. It makes a lot of sense. You see, there are many people I know who "upgraded" to an iPhone from the iPod Touch. And they always say the same thing: "If only this $300 device can make a phone call". It will, but more money is required. They thought they can overcome that desire, but they usually end up buying an iPhone.

There you go, now no one can get a regular iPod with the legendary click wheel. You can either buy a very small iPod or sow a seed for iPhone.

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