Dell Streak to hit Asia in 2011

[COMMENTARY] Do you really really need a tablet? Sure you want need a tablet? But iPad is not a compelling option for you?

Well, be glad to know that the later time of this year, tablets will be flooding the consumer electronics market. HP has said that they will be producing tablets in both Windows and WebOS. ASUS is also slated to launched their Android tablets later this year. And now we know that the Dell Streak could set to make available to Asians early next year. With Singapore being a considerable market of Dell, we can expect this gadget, in a category of it's own, to be in the consumer market soon enough

If you have no idea what Dell Streak is, please hit Google.

In case you are lazy to do that, Dell Streak a tablet. It is also a mobile phone! With a 5 inch screen, the Streak is not all that similar to the iPad, but clearly an average consumer is not going to buy both. Would anyone bring a 5 inch tablet and a 10 inch tablet out at the same time?

And a 5 inch mobile phone probably too large to seen with without being taken as a over-zealous person.

More importantly, is an Android tablet going to provide more functions than the iPhone OS? Hardly. In fact, from my perspective, consumers will soon realize that a good tablet requires tailor-made apps on it. Windows 7 is not going to be a good option because I don’t think the touch screen experience will be all that perfect (perfect is the standard set by you-know-who).

Android is not going to be a compelling option unless, and that’s a big UNLESS, big international companies (for instance, Bloomberg and Financial Times) and local companies (such as SPH with Razor TV and Comfort DelGro with their cab booking app) make more effort to push their apps onto the Android platform. Well, I have a Android phone and right now I can reasonably say local apps are not all that much around.

Regardless what others say, for me, right now the apps on the Apple Store is far superior to the Android’s, both in terms of content and the physical appearance (trust me, you feel like a man when using polished interface).

Anyhow, the story here still the fact that Dell Streak might be coming to Singapore afterall and from September onwards, the gadget world will never be the same again with the rush of tablets and the release of Windows Phone 7.

Review of Dell Streak: Engadget
Source: PC World

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