Pre-Order Apple iPad! and What’s with number ‘4’?

[GADGET DEALS] Are there any stocks of iPad in Singapore? I am not sure. Was at Epicentre Wheelock and ION yesterday and was told that everything is gone. The sales lady at Wheelock told me that had I been a few hours early I would have the last of the Wi-Fi models! Oh well.

Instead she told me Pre-Order is opened (only at Epicentre Wheelock). Clearly, I am not a fan of queuing up so I promptly paid up a 10% deposit which means I should definitely get my piece of Apple iPad when the next batch of stocks arrived!

Which should be about 1 month! According to the very same sales lady.

The other sales lady at ION told me that Apple does not give them indication as to when the stocks will arrive. She also said something else in a very standard format as if she has been repeating all day, I can imagine how many customers asked her the same question in a day. I didn’t really get what she said but its along the lines of stock is limited bah bah bah…

In the meantime, Singaporeans are looking forward to the next big thing! Apple iPhone 4! Which reminds me of an article in LianHe ZaoBao this morning. In short the headlines says that Apple should not have named their latest iPhone as “iPhone 4”. Because ‘4’ is an unlucky number in among the Chinese. Sounds like a reasonable point, given iPhone 4 prototype is lost before the launch and had to alarmed the Police. Even after the launch, there is the antenna issue with the phone. Maybe they should take a leaf out for Panasonic LX Series of compact cameras; which released LX5 from LX3, skipping LX4 as a result.

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