Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference: Number 2

[COMMENTARY] How crazy is this? Steve Jobs admitting that his device is flawed? Unless you are a hardcore non-Apple consumer, you probably have heard that Mr. Jobs held a press conference over the problematic iPhone 4 antenna. Let’s go over some highlights:

On the sales of iPhone:

  • 3 millions iPhone 4 sold within 3 weeks

On the antenna problem:

  • Mr. Jobs called the problem relating to antenna: “Antennagate”
  • He also claims that HTC’s, Nokia’s, Motorola’s and RIM’s products have the same problem
  • And he gave a demonstration of the issue on products from the above manufacturers

On the customer’s feedback:

  • 0.55% of the iPhone 4 users called about the antenna or reception
  • AT&T return rates for iPhone 4 is 1.7% (vs. 3GS at 6%)

Apple offered to give every iPhone 4 user a free case (either their own or a selection) as well as full refund to any other unsatisfied customer.

Let’s put this whole debacle in the context of Singapore. Will iPhone 4 network connection drop in Singapore? That is somewhat strange to see that happen because mobile network coverage in Singapore is certainly very strong due to our small land space but yet I would be mad to ignore the possibility of it.

But while the device is yet to be on sale in Singapore, consumer’s confidence in the product has probably been somewhat affected. A few friends have said that they are concerned about the performance of the phone given they are ready to buy the latest iPhone once they arrived on our little red dot.

Besides the very real antenna problem, Mr. Jobs has probably enhanced the rivalry between Apple and the rest of the industry by point-blankly demonstrating competitor’s device at the conference. Upon reading this surprising move by Apple, I immediately checked if my Motorola Dext has the same problem.

Negative. So I am seriously doubting the accusation. Someone else tried it on the Blackberry Bold 9700 as well. Still Negative.

Blackberry Bold 9700 test of Antenna

As a result, I didn’t think it is a very smart move by Mr. Jobs. See, even with the demonstration, I think its always going to be a uphill battle to convince the public crowd that their current devices are having the same problem. Mr. Jobs tried to tell the world most smartphones have the same problem but how many believed? The cost of the action? More enemies made and put Apple in a bad light.

A nice touch from Apple is the free casing, which for contradict their statistics of the customers reporting the problem. I mean if they are so few people with the problem, why give everyone the casing? They said they are care for every customers but its hard to tell how true is that. If someone told me that the reason why they gave everyone a casing is probably because they actually knew there are more handsets out there with the same problem, I might just be convinced.

And oh, by the way, iPhone 4 is coming to Singapore on 30th July. iPad as well?

Image Credit: Apple Store Singapore

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