Apple iPad: Finally coming to Singapore

[GADGET UPDATE] Woo hoo! Joe Cole joined! He is now a Liverpool player! Simply magnificent! Joe Cole is, of course, not a gadget. He is a damn good a player on his day, best known for his tricky skills. It is just so wonderful to have him at the club.

As skillful as Joe Cole (if you don’t watch football, trust me, he is skillful) is the Apple iPad. Announced and on sale in the States a zillion years ago and finally it will be in Singapore.

23rd July 2010 (this coming Friday), mark your calendar if you are gunning for one.

The news from Cupertino, California also mentioned that customers can purchase all models of iPad on the same day which proven some rumours , that believed the 3G models will be released later, wrong.


  • S$728 for the 16GB model
  • S$878 for the 32GB model
  • S$1028 for the 64GB model

WiFi + 3G

  • · S$928 for the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G model
  • · S$1078 for the 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G model
  • · S$1228 for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model

I actually failed to find the price list on the Apple Store website but instead on the official press release for Singapore on HWZ.

So is it going to be 3G or not for you? I think I might be going without 3G because I am very likely to use it for to read ebooks and perhaps type blog posts on it. And if I desperately need connection, I might just turn my Motorola Dext into a hotspot. Furthermore, I have got data plan on my mobile so I am not sure if I have the spare cash to take in one more data plan.

Well, maybe our Telcos can change my mind by putting up some irresistible data plans for iPad. Which should logically happened between today till Friday.

Official Apple Store Page: Link
Official Pricing from HWZ: Link
via: iMerlion

Update on launch day, 23rd July 2010: It seems that stocks are really low. Check out reports on iMerlion. I guess it would be more than a month before stocks are filled up again since stock level are low in US as well. HWZ has a pretty good write-up.

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