World Cup 2010: Vuvuzelas, MIO and Me

[Commentary] I watched the opening game, South Africa vs. Mexico of the World Cup 2010 on Channel 5. The first thing I notice, or rather hear, is the buzzing sound from out my TV. My first thought: Is it the flies in South Africa? Then the camera zoom in to the crowd with plastic trumpets. “Oh!” I said. It is really disturbing though.

After that, I come across an web that actually reports that the particualr trumpet is called “Vuvuzelas” in South Africa!

The sound of Vuvuzelas is not the only problem watching the games. The MIO TV customers had problems watching the opening game too.

And oh, the screenshot shows the way I will watch any other games in this campaign. 

Link – CNA’s report on MIO TV
Link – Winnipeg Free Press

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