Windows Live Mail and Android settings for YMAIL

[GUIDE] If you have signed up for the YMAIL account back in 2008 and if you are still using the accounts thesedays, you are like me! Lately, I tried to put them on Windows Live Mail and my Android phone mail client (MotoBlur), and it seems that the normal settings does not seems to work nicely. The first hit in Google and even Yahoo! does not return anything exactly that works. So after a few rounds of trial and error, I managed to get them to work.

This is again a problem for Yahoo! if they are going to be back to their glory days. I mean GMAIL has IMAP. Yahoo! ? still on POP3. That’s pretty crazy in this digital age when people check mails from eveywhere, not just the web interface. Anyhow, here goes the settings:

Windows Live Mail and Android Mail (MotoBlur):

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) –, Port 465 and SSL
Incoming Mail (POP3) –, Port 995 and SSL

Email and Password as per your account and the Outgoing Mail Server option should be checked.

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