Sony e-book Reader by-pass Singapore again?

[COMMENTARY] This is just amazing, Sony. A few weeks ago, you said that you will introduce your “Reader digital book device” into several new global market this year. It seems that very mature consumer market such as Singapore, where the population read so much will be a such an obvious choice. We have bookstores and libraries in every neighbourhood. What’s more, our library is equiped with the e-book shelves where we can borrow e-books!

In fact, the only e-book reader that we can get here with OFFICIAL support is the iRiver models. Or the SMARTQ series which is not really an e-book reader. Just like the iPad. I have tried the e-ink technology – made iRiver models and I do find that reading is much better on those than a regular screen such as our LCDs and more likely next month the iPad. Not that I am saying iPad is not as good a product. In fact, I looked forward to getting one.

It is just that if you are talking about finishing an entire series of Harry Porter on a bright screen such as the one of iPad, it may just provide a little too much strain on your eyes.

Curiously, Sony certainly has extensive coverage of retail stores and support offices in Singapore. So why is it that they choose not sell another product line it baffling.

Come on, move into Singapore and you will find customers that is so willing to pay you.

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