PC SHOW 2010: What to buy?

[EVENT] Another 3 months has gone by and yet another PC/IT Show is on our minds again. So what are the star buys?

Link - Hardwarezone Preview
Link – CNET Asia (they usually will provide their listing as well)
Link – Bootstrike (Visit this for all the brochures, they have EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to physically visit the show)

So what will NOT be at the PC Show?

Tablets: They are not here yet regardless if it is the Apple iPad or Windows 7 tablet or even Android tablet. Many designs and models are announced at Computex and I believe they should be for sale as soon as later this year or next. Typically, the first generation of gadgets tend to be less completed. But still I would like to think that once they are out, they might be able to drive the price of netbooks down tremendously. So unless you desperately need a netbook, maybe it is a better idea to wait for another 3 months?

E-Readers: It is almost ridiculous that our GREAT reading nation has as much as e-book readers as polite Singaporeans in Singapore. I mean what out there you can buy easily? iRiver e-book reader at popular and that is guess what? About it. Sony is not selling their stuff here either, which is baffling since they can totally dominate a market without any viable option. Anyhow, iRiver e-book is selling at SGD429 at the PC Show.

iPhone 4, Windows 7 Phones and Froyo Android Phones: The next generation of OSes and phones are not out yet!

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