Grand Turismo 5: Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

[NEW GAME] Let’s see… What are the games that I play on PS3. There is Winning Eleven 2009… Guitar Hero 5… Disgaea 3… and.. that’s about it.

Yeah sure, go ahead and slaughter me for not playing the “must-play” games like Metal Gear Solid, GTA and so on… Well there is only 24 hours in a day and to work, study and blog and World Cup and this and that… you get the drift.

So what is the game that ultimately force me to post up the first ever GAMING post on this 3 year old blog? Drum roll please. *roll *roll *roll

It is the HHHIIIGHHHHLYYY anticipated GRAAAANNN TTTUUURISMMO 5. After delay, delay and delay and years of looking at the Prologue, and weeks of playing on the Time Trial we finally get to see the erm… trailer of the real thing.

In case you haven’t heard of the ‘legend’ of Grand Turismo, let’s take a look at some statistics to gain perspective.

  • 150 people had worked on Gran Turismo 5 for four years
  • All of Polyphony Digital's 120 employees working on GT5
  • Polyphony is the developer of GT, so by assigning everyone to this project, they haven’t sell a thing in 4 years
  • GT5 costs 50 times more than the original GT
  • Originally announced by Sony to be out in March this year, but date have since been changed to November 2010
  • A time trial version is released earlier this year. I download, play and finished 1000+th on the Asian server.
  • The latest version of GT is on the PSP, titled GT PSP

But GT5 could well be worth the wait. The racing simulator is by far the most realistic I have played, consisting of nearly 1000 cars and 20 tracks in this latest version. The graphics is simply out of the world. The video below will feature some in-game graphics.

GT5 is a must-play. I mean if you can’t afford the COE of a Lamborghini in reality, drive it in GT5.

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