Getting a Mac Mini? Wait Wait Wait…

[GADGET UPDATE] Mac Mini is probably the the cheapest option of becoming a Leopard OS user. I am quite tempted at times to just spend my wafer-thin income on it so to join the billions around the world to jeer at PC users. But everytime I walk past a iMac in the Apple Store, it somehow manages to make me drop the idea and say “damn, I have to hold out for a real Mac, that’s the pride of being a man.” To this day, I am still a PC user.

That’s me.

There are rumours days before the WWDC that the Mac Mini could get a specs bump and refresh. HDMI is rumoured to replace DVI, this is really about time since PC monitors these days tend to come with HDMI ports. And of course processors and graphics card are very likely to be replaced.

The basis of the rumours is that corporate clients of Apple (school, office etc) have their orders of Mac Mini delayed and was told to wait for awhile for shipment.

It’s pretty crazy to be buy Apple products now, I mean everything else have to wait till WWDC is over right?

Link – Gizmodo
Link – Mac Mini supplies dry up

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