DELL Online Coupon Codes with dgm Affiliates Asia

[GADGET DEALS] Talk about buying gadgets online and I will think of Dell which to-date still provides a wide range of products online and more importantly, lots of options are available for to customize. And they are pretty aggressive when it comes to promoting their store too. And so lately, I have been working with dgm Affiliates Asia to put several ads for Dell.
Well the purpose of the post is definitely not to talk about these ads but to give you, my readers, some discount coupons! They are used for online purchases so you gotta be aware of that.  
click here The expiry date for ALL the coupon codes above is 24th June 2010 and they are for DELL Singapore online store only.
Since the expiration date is pretty near, I would not go on to look into each product in detail. And there you go! Enjoy some savings!

Product Discount Coupon Code
Dell Vostro Desktops S$50 P7$5B3R0B252C3
Dell Vostro Laptops S$20 ZN7D6J6DGR1R9S
Inspiron Laptops or Desktops $50 1WCPPCH$D2VT42 (Updated 10th Jun 2010)
Studio or Studio XPS Laptops or Desktops $100 $D0?J?ZQLGQ7WL (Updated 10th Jun 2010)
Dell U2410 monitor (T14U2410SG) S$70 G1?5P3GJLH?LCF
Dell U2311H monitor (T14U2311HSG) S$30 7QQGLNSTKG5BSC
Dell U2211 monitor (T14U2211HSG) S$20 W1FT?PHNQG7$0S
Dell 1230c printer (T841230CSG) S$70 F3SLTRQ7RKHBTG
Dell 1320cn printer (T841122SG) S$50 BP8GNZBZS0NW9G
Dell 1130n printer (T841130NSG) S$30 NBDJK3?28P160C
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