SingTel Mobile Data Plan: Getting cheaper…

[PROMOTION] Obviously SingTel is trying to put as many customers on the data plan as possible. They got the network in place and is of course not their top priority to ensure that the network is not congested. So there you go, SingTel is put on a promotion to attract more customers.

Just a quick note, I checked the price a few days ago when I saw the post on Techgoondu. It appears that the price for Premium Plan has dropped from  roughly S$14 to S$11.96 now.  Small drop but drop is a drop.

Looking at the various plan, you can’t help but wonder if SingTel should just offer the Premium and Platinum plans instead of all four. Because the gap in the prices is bewildering like Minister Ng’s stand on our MTL curriculum.

Anyhow, it is still much cheaper to just subscribe to the 3G FLEXI Lite plan since you get 12GB data cap and unlimited incoming calls as well as a brunch of other stuff.

And oh… You should know there is no 3G connection on the underground North-South MRT line (from Bishan onwards). But it is pretty strong over at the Circle Line.

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