Motorola BackFlip: A New Form Factor is born

[NEW GADGET] Motorola had enjoyed tremendous success with the RAZR design and is never a stranger to producing mobile phones with “outstanding” designs. The new Motorola BackFlip certainly reinforced this perception.

Clearly, the first reaction many have is “How do we use this phone? Wait is it really a phone?”. Being out of the norm is sometimes cool but Singapore is a place where people try their best to act to the norm. For example, my professors in the University always say Singaporeans do not speak up often in class. But our mentality is “I try not to speak up, because it is very paiseh if I say the wrong things.”.

On the gadget side of things, BackFlip is very similar to the Dext in terms of specifications. With just a 3.1” LCD as compared to the Milestone with 3.7”. The three hardware buttons are also very similar to Dext launched a few months back. With a 528 Mhz processor, don’t expect it to be a speed demon as well. I guess BackFlip will suit people whom likes to be different and appreciate the strengths of BackFlip, such as a large qwerty keyboard.

The Motorola BackFlip is currently exclusive to SingTel at $348 with a basic contract ($25/mth) without data plan. It is at $248 with a basic contract ($39/mth) with data plan. You can of course refer to for more information. And if you are keen to wait for price drop, the Motorola Dext went from $398 to the current $98 in the space of maybe say 3 months. So that could be a reasonable timeline for you to consider.

Also check out the video review I snatched off the Youtube and specifications comparison with the Droid.

Link – SingTelShop
Link – GSMArena Review 

  Motorola Droid Motorola BackFlip
OS Android 2.1 Android 1.5 (Upgradable)
CPU 600 Mhz 528 Mhz
Size 165g / 115.8 x 60 x 13.7 mm 133g / 108 x 53 x 15.3 mm
Display 3.7" TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 16m Colours 3.1" TFT Capacitive Touch Screen
Memory 133MB Internal / MicroSD Slot / 256MB RAM 256MB RAM / 512 ROM / Micro SD Slot
Connectivity WLAN / HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1 WLAN / HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1
Camera 5MP Autofocus, LED Flash 5MP Autofocus, LED Flash
Battery Li-Ion 1400 mAh Li-Ion 1400 mAh
Other features - A-GPS
- 3.5mm audio jack
- Noise cancellation with dedicated microphone
- 3.5mm audio jack
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