HTC says Android Phones released in 2010 will “Most Likely” Get Froyo

[GADGET UPDATE] This could the assurance you need to buy the Desire which comes with the Éclair 2.1. If you are wondering if there is large difference between Eclair and Froyo, there are lots of difference, both in terms of technical speed and interface.

This is what HTC said, quoted from Gizmodo.

if your phone was launched this year, we will most likely offer an upgrade for it to the Froyo version. This includes popular models like the Desire and Droid Incredible as well as hotly anticipated phones like the Evo 4G, MyTouch slide and upcoming models. We will announce a full list of phones and dates once we are closer to launching the upgrades. We are working closely with Google and our other partners to ensure we have the earliest access to everything we need to provide a complete and solid Sense experience on Froyo. We expect to release all updates in the second half of this year but can't be more specific yet.

Well if you are going to get a HTC Desire, then the interface part does not really apply since you won’t be seeing it as it is overlay by HTC’s own HTC Sense User Interface.

But inside the phone is where the magic begins. Gizmodo reported a 2x – 5x improvement in the performance of the phone meaning that the phone will become more responsive to everything else and in particular the apps and web browsing.

In reality to the consumers, this is going make web browsing on HTC Desire and other Android phone so fast that iPhoners may have a problem trying to compete. But as average consumers, they will even notice all the hoo-ha going here and they are more likely to judge the phone as it is now.

Still thinking on spending your income on this HTC beast? You might want to know there is probably going to be a new iPhone next month.

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