The Great Lenovo Sale: Lenovo’s GSS

[GADGET DEALS] I am a big fan of ThinkPads (IBM and some of the Lenovo’s models). And when Lenovo ThinkPad X100e hits the shelves sometime ago, I was really excited. Till now it is something I really like to own if I have enough cash in my bank account.

ThinkPad X100e is a netbook that tries to look like a real ThinkPad except that it is really made of very cheap plastic. But the overall design is really what I want in a netbook.

ThinkPad Edge is probably more of the same thing but with a 2 processors. But comparing X100e and Edge, it probably make more sense to grab the former with a cheaper price since its screen and processor are less competitive. Well for me, a portable computer with a 11.6” screen and a single core processor is sufficient. You don’t play C&C on a 11.6” screen right?

Source: Link – Lenovo SG Tweet

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