iPad – see web, email and photos in a whole new manner?

For media files, it’s the iPod. For making phone calls, it’s the iPhone. For a bigger screen, it’s the iPad. But is the iPad just another version of the iPod Touch with a bigger screen?

All the good old features we love so much from the iPod Touch and iPhone are there; games, media playback, maps to find your way around town, internet browsing with Safari, e-mail, and finally endless leisure and entertainment available from the app store and iTunes.

So what’s new about the iPad?
  • The iBook store
    Here’s where e-books are conveniently purchased and instantly accessed. With a screen size of 9.7-inch, font size is similar to a real book, bringing ease to the eyes. The flicking of pages with the swipe of a finger is simply cool.
  • Photos
    Albums are shown as stacks, and pinching a stack actually shows a preview of the photos in the album. Cool.
  • iWork
    Finally, a mobile version of the iWork suite. With Numbers, Keynote, and Pages, we can finally get a little bit of work done coupled with that extra bit of mobility.
  • Games and Apps
    Now you can get an enlarged display of all apps and games. Default apps from the iPod Touch have also been redesigned to fully utilize the bigger screen. Expect third party app designers to be redesigning their games and apps specifically for the iPad too.
But… who needs an iPad?
  • You want to be in the forefront of technology and want to try everything, anything cool.
  • You want entertainment and don’t mind carrying a 10 inch device around.
  • You want to attract the attention of the stranger on the next seat while commuting.
  • You want to lose your friends by keeping your attention on fun and games with the super cool tablet (the iPod Touch and iPhone were very close to accomplishing that, just lacked in battery life).
From a personal angle, having an iPad can help to impress anyone you want to, keep you entertained and occupied, neglect friends whom you used to pay more attention on, and give you a reason to buy a new carrying case.

How cool is it to be exact? See and experience with TinkrBox mashup of iPad media content.

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