Android OS: The Most Popular Android Phone?

[COMMENTARY] If you are an Android phone owner, you will not be unfamiliar with AdMob. It is the company that provides in-application advertisement on Android phones. It is like the AdSense on the Internet on Android.

So the story is that a report from AdMob measures the amount of advertisement traffic sent from different smartphones in March 2010. The traffic here meant the number of impression received by the AdMob server during the month. And the winner quoted in the report is … …

The Motorola Droid! With 32% of the traffic!

Before you go away thinking that there are more Motorola Droid phones out there in Singapore or the World, you should also consider other possibilities. For instance, since this measurement is based on advertisement in the applications, it is entirely possible that Motorola Droid owners use the applications more often. Or owners of other handsets are more likely to buy paid-apps (thus without ads). Yeah yeah… I know its pretty remote for the latter.

The report quoted HTC Hero (19% of the traffic) finishing second follow by HTC Dream and HTC Magic tied for third. Motorola Cliq (known as Motorola Dext) is fourth, and other mentions includes Samsung Moment, Behold 2 and Google Nexus One.

While the news is pretty interesting, I think it pretty much reflect the market in the US. Simply because of big population and maybe because Americans are a much more matured Android market.

The Motorla Droid is of course known as the Motorola Milestone in Singapore. And by the way, Android users cannot buy paid-applications in Singapore. Not that you are missing anything, because there really isn’t much to buy.

Link - PCWorld

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