Tinkrbox is a web application founded in Singapore. Below is a excerpt from KillerStartups:

Anything that lets us save time and have access to multiple content at the same time is appealing by definition. And that is what this new service is all about. Named TinkrBox, it will enable you to convert hyperlinks into actual content and access them all in the same space. In other words: using this system you can take a handful of links and instead of accessing them individually you can access them at the very same time, no matter if they involve images, audio or video. That is possible because TinkrBox makes for having different media boxes.

Moreover, since the service is completely based on your browser you can access your boxes anywhere you are, as long as an Internet connection is available. Sharing favorites, then, becomes a far easier task – if you want to show someone the links you have amassed about your favorite band (say, Maroon 5) you can do so and display the pages you have bookmarked where lyrics are collected along with links to YouTube videos, and sites where images are hosted.

TinkrBox makes accessing your favorite content on the web a very smooth task, and the same goes for sharing it with others.

Source: http://www.killerstartups.com/Web20/tinkrbox-com-a-way-to-turn-links-into-content
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