Engadget iPhone/iPod App Review: Don’t have to bookmark Engadget!


Engadget is probably one of the best gadget blog/website around if not the best (gadgets lovers certainly are familiar). Those guys consistently put up the fastest news in the industry, coupled with reviews that are in my opinion objective enough, for sure very thorough and certainly with a great sense of humor. It’s fun reading their articles. Their podcasts are great time-killer on the train too.

The only issue with Engadget and Singaporeans is that Engadget is a US-based site and they by and large reports what happened in the US. While the gadget’s state of affairs in the US and Singapore aren’t that different, it is, ultimately, different. For one, the Motorola Droid and Palm Pre might never make it to our shores (barring direct import them yourself). It is certainly great to hear things about those interesting gadgets but for myself, as much as I like gadgets, it is only fun if I get a chance to buy it or just to see fellow Singaporeans flocking to get the gadget.

Having said these, like I say, the content on Engadget is really interesting. And recently, those guys did what the traditional media did. Re-invent their blog/site on the iPhone/iPod.

The application itself consists of three blogs: Engdaget, EngadgetHD and Engadget Mobile. The concept is really straightforward, just the 4 categories you see at the bottom of the screen. The latest news, search news and articles by topics and direct access to videos and pictures. You can also listen to the podcasts directly, the feature is found in the “more” tab.

I think like the Channel News Asia and The Straits Times apps, the Engadget simply allows you to access their content in a simpler and more organised way. But unlike the formers, this one has great content making it such a good app to have on your iPhone to read on the train or catch the breaking news.

Updated 13/01/2010: The application is free. btw.

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