Dell’s Alienware: Game on!

VT and I attended the launch event for Alienware M15x Gaming Laptop and Area-51 Desktops. Dell took over Alienware 3 years ago and really took their time in producing new products. 3 years later, Singapore finally see Alienware officially retailing locally.

For those whom haven’t really got to know Alienware, basically, they have a few reputations:

  1. Raw processing power: Simply the latest and most powerful hardware
  2. Superb build quality
  3. Customise-To-Order: You can mix and match the hardware parts

These reputations are again evident in the NEW M15x and Area-51. The hardware specifications are really, really the top of the line in Singapore.

Alienware M15x

Alienware Area-51

The theme of the launch event is really trying underline these reputations. First of all, Dell (yes, its Dell’s Alienware!) has invited a team of Pro (or semi-pro) to demonstrate the immense processing power of Alienware M15x and Area-51 by battling it out in a game of BlackShot (yes, some of them are on M15x, a laptop). The graphics and speed of on the action on the monitor was outstanding. It is really strange to see a laptop dishing out such pretty graphics though.

Then a 6 men media team was invited to challenge 2 men gamers’ team. Again on the same game and I think the media guys are impressed by those hardware given that they beat the gamers’ team in this unfair challenge. And the top shooter actually won a Dell Mini 9!

Surely you are curious about the Alienware M15x and Area-51? Stay tune for the next post with some pictures of the laptops.

Thanks to Sadaf from XPR for the invite to the event!

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