Comex 2009: ASUS F83T and AMD MV-40

One of the star deals at the Comex is the ASUS F83T. While it is really cheap, there is a catch to it. It HAS a single core processor that has been recently released by AMD.
For years, manufacturers have been trying to squeeze more processors like our SMRT squeeze more passengers into the train. Now they are taking a step back. Why? So that price of the notebook can be reduced.
A little of history on this particular processor is that AMD actually made it for laptops that can be classified “Ultra-Thin”. HP Pavilion dv2 is the first laptop to spot this processor. The special selling point is the low cost of the processor  and yet not restricted to the Intel’s ruling on their Intel Atom N Series processors that the form size are should not be bigger than a certain resolution meaning a LCD of about 10”. (Yes, more people are complaining that Netbooks’ LCD are too small).
ASUS F83T is it really worth the S$898 (with student pass)?
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First, AMD Neo MV-40 is a SINGLE core processor. It is slightly more powerful than Intel Atom that you find on Netbooks, but it is not restricted to a 10” LCD. If you tend to think that their performance is the same, read this. (Link)
Secondly, ASUS F83T is armed with a really decent graphics card, HD4570. A Netbook typically has an on-board card that couldn’t do movie editing or gaming with speed to save its ass. So “Ultra thin notebooks” are on a different level.
Lastly, apparently and more importantly, ASUS F83T while using the MV-40, aren’t really what you call a “Ultra-Thin” notebook. At 2.39kg and about 3 cm, its pretty heavy and thick!
Kind of not using the AMD processor the correct way and at the same time, for me spoils the package.
All-in-all, ASUS F83T is a start buy or budget buy depending on how you see it. Of course, there are others whom think that single core processors are a misfit in today’s market dominated by two cores. But then again, if video editing and gaming aren’t your activities, AMD Neo is pretty cool with you if you can tahan 2.39kg.
(Link) – Product Page
I haven’t forget Axioo as well. Ultimate budget range with great specifications. Since I haven’t try their laptops before. I am not in the position to comment if they are durable etc. But I do think that Singaporeans tend to buy with branding in mind and hence that could be a major hinder to many.
PS: By the way, I just read the review by HWZ on the Comex 2009 and I must say its one of the more comprehensive and impressive one from the guys over the last couple of shows.
(Link) – HWZ review part 1
(Link) – HWZ review part 2
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