Kaspersky Kungfu Launch!

Hi guys it has been a long while since i posted anything… haha… been trying to adapt to my new work.

This week on the 25th Aug, Myself and V was invited to the Kungu launch of Kaspersky. This time they are launching their new Anti-virus 2010, Internet Security 2010 and Mobile Security 8.0.

One thing that surprise me was this.

So now jacky chan is also helping to fight virus.

One more piece of news is that those who bought Kaspersky Anti-virus 2009 products are eligible for free upgrades to the 2010 versions. Licenses will be brought over. meaning if you have 6months left in your 2009 version by installing 2010 version you can use the 2010 version for the remaining 6months. those who are interested in purchasing the anti-virus you can visit Kaspersky’s estore here.

As for the reviews of the Anti-Virus 2010 i will need some time to take an in depth look. Do stay tuned for updates.

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