Creative Zii Egg: Creative’s potential golden egg

No. It's not just a MP3 player.
No. You can't get it in Singapore yet.
No. It's basically not for consumer.
Yes, it's developed by Creative (Mr Sim's)
So why has it got the attention of many? Because Zii Egg is the first device to use Zii Plasma Open Source Platform and Creative's ZMS-05 chip.
Zii Egg is bascially a device that do nearly everything a high-end mobile phone does except call. HD Video, GPS, Wi-Fi, 32GB and above memory. Things that gadgets lovers would willing shelf out more money.

The only talking point here is, if consumers can't buy it, who will? Creative wants to market Zii Egg as a developer's product or more commonly known as a Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) product. For example, you would have seen the exact same mp3 players at SIM LIM Square bearing different brands. Basically that is because the manufacturer is the same and the same product is sold to different sellers. So that those sellers can stamp their own brand and see as their product without research and development cost.

Zii Egg is in the same category. It runs on a open source platform (Android OS) so that manufacturer can take it further with their own software. The excitement is all due to the potential development of this new machine made by the Singapore-based company.

Wait for a longer while, hopefully we will see something that is REALLY exciting to us, the consumers.

(Link) Via Gizmodo 

(Link) Official website

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