Singtel Promotion: Apple Macbook and Acer Aspire One

Updated 14th August 2009: This promotion is over. For now.

The all-time favourite is back! Singtel’s macbook promotion! This is something that you will see people asking in forums like HWZ from time to time.

A Singnet 10Mbps without bundle is S$46.90/mth. So you will pay S$88 - S$46.90 = S$41.10 /mth extra.

S$41.10 x 24 months = S$986.40 for a Macbook…

Singapore Apple Store is selling the Macbook at S$1,589 (Link). Indeed a good deal and you don’t even need to pay the entire S$986.40 upfront.

NO WONDER everyone likes it…

(Link) – Singtel Broadband Plans

Update: Oops.. Totally forgot to mention Acer Aspire One… LOL…

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