I got spammed!


Got this SMS from a friend. Looks like a SPAM, cannot find anything about it online, so it’s a SPAM! SMS SPAM are common, but this one is quite interesting. I don’t blog for the sake of blog ok! 

(Link) – Cost of spam email… SPAM is not merely SPAM la… Cannot find Cost of SPAM SMS. But of the spam SMS means profit for Telco. Hey wait… Could this be sent by a Telco staff?

Anyway, let’s read it again.

  1. M1, Starhub, Singtel celebrating an event together? Eh… Will MANU, Liverpool and Arsenal celebrate 60 years of wearing the same colour?
  2. 60 billions SMS? Why never SMS me when the 10, 20 or 50 billion SMS took place?

Which makes me curious about Singtel’s profit so far this year. Singtel’s net profit the 2nd quarter in 2009: S$799.3 million. (Link)

No wonder.

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