Scythe Kaze-Maru Fan

Hi guys its me again… after upgrading my graphics card i decided to get more air flow into my rig so i went around to scout for a fan with high air flow… and i found this

This fan has a very unique feature. this is a 140mm size fan but to mount it you will need to use the mounting holes meant for 120mm fans. At first i was sceptical at first but when i bought it home it fits perfectly to my 120mm fan mounting points. Below is a picture of it compare against my cooler master 120mm fan.

With its 1900rpm spinning speed and a high air flow of 104.54CFM its quite quiet. but of course there are even quieter fans out there but the air flow is very low.

Scythe is not really a well known brand in SG but after laying my hands on it the fan blades and frame feels pretty solid. And compared with other brands considering the specs this fan is not expensive.

So for those with only 120mm fan mounting holes and wish to get bigger air flow you might wanna consider this.

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