LG sponsors survey on consumers’ smartphone needs in Asia

Participants in CNET Asia survey stand to win LG’s latest smartphone LG GM730

Singapore, Tuesday, 26 May 2009 – LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, today announced that it is sponsoring a CNET Asia smartphone survey which commences on Monday, 25 May 2009. Aimed at understanding Asian consumers’ needs and insights into their smartphone preferences and user habits, the survey will be conducted over two weeks and close on Monday, 8 June 2009. Members of the public who participate in the survey stand a chance to win one of five LG’s latest smartphone, the LG GM730 which will be launched in Singapore in June 2009.

Asian smartphone survey

The survey delves into the minds of consumers and their thoughts on smartphones. It investigates consumers’ opinions on what features they think makes a smartphone “smart”. In addition, the survey addresses consumers’ smartphone needs such as what features of smartphones do they really find useful versus features that they could do without.

To participate in the CNET Asia smartphone survey, consumers simply visit http://asia.cnet.com/surveys/smartphones/ to share their views. LG and CNET Asia will select five participants with the most constructive answer who will win a LG GM730 each.

Smartphones are increasing in popularity in Asia and LG seeks to understand what consumers really want from their mobile companions. We pride ourselves in creating phones that speak to our consumers and cater to their ever changing needs,” said Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing Strategy team at LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The survey will allow us to be kept up to date with the latest consumer insights on smartphones and enable LG to create smartphones that cater to the varying needs of consumers.”

New LG GM730

With the LG GM730, LG will be creating a new smartphone category based on user-friendliness. Catered to individuals who want easy-to-use handsets, the LG GM730 enables pleasurable web surfing and e-mailing with familiar PC-like functionality. To make smartphones more easily approachable for consumers, LG has concentrated its efforts to simplify the navigation architecture. The LG GM730 allows consumers to enjoy their first smartphone experience with quick and easy access to menus and more efficient operation.

LG GM730, the first user-friendly smartphone from LG, is simple to understand from the moment the handset is powered up. Marrying the latest Windows Mobile OS with LG’s new ‘S-Class’ user interface ensures new users their first smooth foray into smartphones. Even the daunting task of setting up the e-mail feature on the LG GM730 requires only one click. LG GM730 users can also navigate the internet easily and quickly using just their fingertip.

Measuring a mere 11.9 millimetres, the LG GM730 sports a slim and seamless profile that LG handsets are renowned for and boasts smooth and stylish rounded edges. The streamlined design and good looks of the LG GM730 belies its heavyweight features and software, making it a top quality smartphone that is a pleasure to behold.

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