Change to Mac Promotion

How rare to see a Mac trade-in promotion!
The cheapest MacBook is currently the White edition, the older design as compared to the aluminum ones. It comes with a integrated graphics of Intel X3100. But you can upgrade to a much better one (Nvidia Geforce 9400M) at only S$100. Strange isn’t it?
For potential first time Mac users, make a wise decision. It would be good if you are able to dual-boot Windows (“able” means by hook or by crook you know how to get it done). Because while Mac is definitely cool, it may not be easy to get things done initially especially when you are a Windows user since you know what a computer is.
Examples of such cases are aplenty, check this one. Link 
So unless you are going to be an inspiring musician or designer… Think about it. 
For the record, I want a Mac too. When I tio 4D. Because I just want to own one to experience being an apple-r, not for really really serious work.  
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