Acer Promotion @ Funan – April ‘09

On the first look, I thought Acer has developed a new green notebook or desktop. Only to realize that YOU are the one who is saving the world by trading-in your computer. Haha!

Still there is something new on the show; Intel Atom N280 is moving into the market. Some manufacturers managed to put up some Netbooks with N280 during the IT Show last month. Not sure whether Acer did so then.

Anyway, Aspire One now comes with N280! So, what is so great about N280? Theoretically, N280 will be faster with a 1.66GHz processor and a 667MHz FSB compared to N270 with 1.6GHz and 533MHz. (If you have no idea what I am talking about here, just know that the speed of the processors are very similar.)

And of course, practically the difference is hardly noticeable even with benchmarks. Check this one. Link

But of course you might feel better if you spend about the same amount of money and instead got a newer processor than your friend who bought it last month during the show and got a older version.


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