Mozilla has stopped support for Firefox version 2. There will not be security update or technical support for the browser. Mozilla will of course pool all the resources for its version 3 browser. The security of web browser are pretty important. SO upgrade to version 3 if you have not or you are still on IE.


GATEWAY is making a comeback into the local notebook market. The manufacturer had been in the Singapore market a long time ago when I was in primary or lower secondary school. I even have the old Gateway sticker with on my 10 year old desktop. So you can guess that was how long ago.  

The U.S notebook maker is re-entering the local market after a lengthy lay off though they have not made their appearance at the last IT show. What do I make of this? I think there are now one more brand that consumers couldn't recognize. And Gateway has much to do to change that fact. 

Unlike fellow newcomers to the market, Gateway is not focus on the low-end models. Instead, you will find yourself looking at some fairly good specifications. Like this one. (LINK) It even comes with the price on the official website which is good because you will know if any shop are taking you as a fool and charge you higher.

Gateway currently has four models and are really for different purposes due to their form factor.

Link - Official Website

Western Digital has been THE brand for hard drives. The discussion of hard drives rarely goes without mentioning this US brand. For me, Western Digital drives are reliable as compared to the competitors. However, at the recent SITEX, I saw a new product from WD; promoted by Harvey Norman. Basically, it plays movies and music from your external hard drive. The following are my observation for this media player:

  1. It allows playback of media via a external hard drive. The hard drive is connected to the device which in turn connect to the TV.
  2. HDMI and the normal AV output are available. Full HD video playback at 1080p.
  3. A user interface will be used to navigate the media on TV.

This device is so simple that it is only made up of a circuit board! (You can peek through the side of the gadget.) In my opinion, simple is more in this case. It is so simple to setup and hence should be preferred by those who didn't like complicated functions.

I saw the user interface and its quite classy in terms of design. All basic functions such as fast forward are included.

All in all, a great piece of work from WD. If you are still watching movies on your small monitor, make use of your LCD TV! The cost? S$179.90 (The device itself.)

PS: There is no support for rmvb...


Official Page (Check the playback formats)


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