Oh well, it is actually more than a month since I told myself to write more. I only succeed in extending my disappearance... So this time, I shall keep my nonsense and get straight down to business!

And here is the Pricelists.

It seems that the overall sentiment for this show is that prices are higher than it should be given the tightening of wallets these days. I agreed. Because I want to buy/subscribe the following

  1. D-Link NAS 323 - I read in HWZ that the last IT show is cheaper! What is going on? Inflation on gadgets?
  2. Singtel Broadband - Our prime telcom operator sent me a leaflet to inform me that my broadband contract is up. Cool. The offer they given me for staying with them for the last 7 years? One month free subscription. I know I contribute 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 or lesser of their revenue. But couldn't the offer be a little better?

Ramblings aside, there are certain new gadgets on the show or I mean because I have been really busy to notice that they are already out before the show!

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