Dell Studio

When I was flipping through the papers this morning, the Dell advertisement somehow pops up at me. I mean I saw something different; Dell Studio.

Officially released two months ago, I think it only hit the Singapore shores today. Unless it has been on the website only.

My thoughts:

10am - Wow! New Dell notebook. Hmm, S$2K leh...

10.15am - (Checked the specifications online) Hmm...

10.16am - Eh... Not Centrino 2. So still using the old chipset.

10.17am - But the design looks nice la. Something like HP ones. And Studio comes in many colours.

10.18am - Only comes is 15.4" and 17". So they are more like desktop replacement.

10.19am - I think they are the "prettiest" Dell. Even nicer than XPS I think.

10.20am - Wah! Can ask for Blu-ray drive. Also can have ATI HD3450. HDMI port included as well.

10.21am - Looks good Dell. Maybe they should consider making Studio smaller into portables too.


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