Singapore Notebook Promotions

This chalkboard is setup to note down the notebook promotions and retail channels in Singapore. It is not possible to make a complete or most informative list but I will try to update them often and it could be useful. And we need you to contribute. If you are a vendor or you know of any good deals around, drop us an email!

- Chalkboard Updated: 2th August 2008 -

Juzz1@Audio House (2 Aug 08 / TODAY)
- Details - 
Carrefour - Acer & Lenovo (28 Jul 08 / TODAY)
- Acer Aspire One -
- Lenovo Y310 Ideapad -
Axioo (25 Jul 08 / TODAY) - Promo. ends 27 Jul 08
- Details of Promotion -
- TVR052C -
- CMPC & TVR812P -
- TVS812P -
- TEN812P & TSJ816P -
- TEC0262 & TSJ2252 -

- mc.2: One of bigger retailer. Ask for freebies. -
- p.a mart: Great details with images. Must see if you are still searching. -
- VR Zone: The Tech forum has the price lists of various notebooks retailers. Might be a bit messy. - 

- Sager: An U.S brand. Reselling locally by Cube Marketing. Reown for high-performance notebooks. And it is customizable; you can choose your own parts! -    

If you are still confused over whether to buy in your school or the IT show, you should be reminded that most schools have subsidized prices as well as free school's IT support. And no need to squeeze in the crowds!
*Polytechnics seem to share the same prices but there are more information about the respective notebook ownership programme, so I have put up the various links.

- NUS: Includes Lenovo T400!!! -
- NTU: Only offer 3 brands? -
- SMU - 
- NP -
- TP -
- SP -
- NYP -
- RP -

- End of Chalkboard -

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