Intel Centrino 2 ; Singapore Press Conference (Final Edition)


Benq has been starting to make their mark too. S33 Joybook looks trendy but could prove to a workhorse as well. But for me they are facing the problem of being the late player in the local market. 


Acer had two sets there. But I think I left out the other notebook accidentally. There is no one around for Acer as well. 


Finally we have the HP Pavilion DV4 notebook. As usual, looks very cool and premium. Perhaps the best looking on the field. In fact its quite similar to the MiniNote.


Fujitsu impressed me with its preparation of their latest notebook T5010 which they had the technical specifications ready together with the pricing! And it is the only tablet around on that day.


All in all we learnt a great deal and from now on we see how Intel Centrino 2 can improve our efficiency at work or entertainment. Moving to other matters for now!


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