Intel Centrino 2 ; Singapore Press Conference (Part3)


In the 3rd installment of the series, I will be looking at WiMax which Intel went a "long way" to demonstrate. In fact, we travelled about 15 mins away from the port. Qmax is the company in partnership with Intel to show us WiMax in action.

WiMax is a telecommunications technology that somehow work like a home broadband (ethernet cable) and Wi-Fi (router) combined. While there are lots of details to be discussed, I think the most important part we should know it could a solution to the last mile connectivity meaning to say we could get portable home broadband connection. In numerical terms, its known as 4G as compared to our current 3.5G with the mobile phones. Pardon me if I didn't explain this part well!


On the yacht, Mr Alex Tan, from Qmax showed us the WiMax connection with Creative's inPerson. It is a device allows easy and effective video conferencing. While it is on sale at the IT/PC shows before, its largely useful for businesses. And the unit in the picture actually comes with WiMax connection. Unlike the units on sale which comes with Wi-Fi. Check out inPerson.

The video conservation with the pretty Qmax staff ran very smoothly. No distortion throughout the 5 mins trial. The piped images looks brilliant as well.


We are actually on WISEPORT, Wireless Broadband Access for the SeaPort.


Next up, actual internet connection in the middle of the sea! You can also see the WiMax device plug on to the laptop which comes in Intel Centrino 2.


Overall, the connection speed was great and I able to blog via twitter. Youtube was delivered in time as well. However, the connection is already up by the time we were there so I would wonder if the intial connection is easy to setup. Still all-in-all a wonderful experience to be able to try it the first time.

Again, I think for the average consumer, its another sight of the technology in the near future. Probably by the time my wireless-G router would be in the bin.

And in the final post, I will post up all the latest laptops at the conference!

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