Intel Centrino 2 ; Singapore Press Conference (Special Edition)

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All right this special post of the series goes out to Kenny! As well as those who need a background of the Centrino to understand why am I making a fuss out of the Intel Press Conference.

What is Intel Centrino?
First of all, Intel Centrino is not a processor. And you will not find a Centrino tag on a desktop, its only for laptops. Essentially, it is a "standard".

Like a student taking the GCE 'O' Level examination. Once

the student met all the passing marks of the various subjects, he/she would be given the 'O' Level certificate. Its the same kind of relationship between a laptop and Intel Centrino. If a laptop is able to be built out of the hardware certified by Intel, the laptop would get the Intel Centrino tag.

Then what makes Intel Centrino?
Basically, there are three parts of the laptops to look at when deciding if it meets the "standards" set by Intel; Processor, Chipset and Wireless Module (a.k.a wireless card).  

Wikipedia has all the requirement of the various Intel Centrino generation. 

Why Intel Centrino?
Well, it meant for consumers and businesses to better select their laptops.  According to Intel, laptops with the Centrino tag shoud deliver a better system performance, longer lasting battery life and a certain level of wireless standards.

And what is codename?
Well Intel likes to name their projects. That is it. 

Kenny! Tell me what you think in the Cbox.   

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