Intel Centrino 2 ; Singapore Press Conference (Part1)


We attend our very first press conference since the launch of this blog site! Thank you very much to Brian Koh from Ogilvy 360 degree Digital Influence for inviting us there. And we certainly witness a new chapter in the technology history with yet another mobile platform that simply outperform its predecessors.


As before, Intel Centrino 2 also consists of three sections that would make up the mobile platform. To make things clearer, let's compare see how has Intel Centrino 2, codenamed "Montevina" upgraded from the previous platform; "Santa Rosa".

(CPU) Like "Santa Rosa", "Montevina" also uses the 45nm processors with the difference of the Front-Side Bus (FSB) and clock speed. The new platform boasts of a 1066Mhz FSB while the previous is 800Mhz.

(Graphics & Chipset) "Montevina" will be using a brand new chipset on the motherboard which will include the following; GL40, GS45, GM45, GM47 or PM45. Where else, "Santa Rosa" on the GM965 or PM965. Again the difference is significant. This new version has a faster FSB, support RAM with faster speed as well as support for DisplayPort, a up coming display connection.

(Wireless Network) Besides a new wireless module which again could prove to own a wider bandwidth, "Montevina" has WiMAX combined with Wi-FI.

These are very briefly what "Montevina" is capable of. In the later parts of a "Montevina" series, I am going to report what I have learnt and experienced at the press conference including the latest notebooks that has "Montevina"-ed!

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